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Bootleg Guitars was congealed out of necessity by Jon Hill. As a long time designer and builder who has left his indelible mark on the landscape of many well known brand names sold around the globe, Jon Hill is truly regarded as one of the world's finest.

From his tenure running the Dean USA Custom Shop to the ground breaking Hill Guitar models, Jon has over 25 years of building custom guitars and basses. As Jon toiled during his early years scrambling to make his dream a reality, he took opportunities to ghost build for several major companies so that he could make ends meet. Quality was always his hallmark and Jon quickly made a name for himself in the industry.

"I have always been able to look at an instrument and see how I could make it better. Bootleg starts with this mindset where each step of the process is mastered. We use the finest woods and components combined with excellent craftsmanship to illicit the clarity and tonality we are known for. Professional instruments are built to withstand the rigors of touring but also to elevate your game in the studio. Most importantly, it has to feel right and sound right, that's what I am good at."

"I am extremely proud of the portfolio I have developed over the years, I love being in and around this industry and nothing makes me feel more alive than watching my stuff being played. Bootleg is really the start of a new legacy building on my experiences over the years to build great instruments for artists that want something special."

~ Jon Hill

"I have watched Jon grow over the years and everything he did for me was special, Jon has the touch!" ~ Larry Davis owner of WD Music

"In my circle, Jon is the one to watch." ~ Adam Reiver of Floyd Rose Upgrades

"It has been a pleasure to watch Jon build so many beautiful instruments. I know the talent level of the artist he builds for and that's impressive." ~ Pat Bartolini

"Jon bought his first set of tuning keys from me in the early nineties, this guy has made his mark and I'm glad he's a local Clevelander. Everything I have seen or heard about him and his guitars has been world class. I am proud that he uses our tuning keys." ~ Bob Sperzel

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